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I was born in Tolmezzo, near Udine, located in north-eastern Italy in the pre-Alps. At two years of age, I moved to Padova and lived there for many years until I graduated with a degree in engineering. During the following two years, I travelled throughout Italy and England for both personal and work-related reasons.
Since 1985, I have worked as a software consultant.
A natural attraction for any activity that would bring me in touch with nature and the interest for photography was already inside me for many years; this led me towards taking wildlife photos at the beginning of the 1990's.
In 1998 I joined the National Association of Naturalistic Photographers (A.F.N.I.) and this hobby was transformed into a firmer commitment, study and research for me.

Currently, I organize and hold naturalistic photographic workshops, with other professional photographers as well, post-production seminars and multivision events, trying to convey not only tecnical aspects but also my way of seeing and approaching the culture of images and its vastness.

However, my prevailing activity is to go outdoors, to live out and enjoy all the emotions the contact with nature can give us.
I believe that what a wise man told me one day is true: if one has a close tie with nature, nature helps him, loves him ...

Landscapes and macro are the kinds of photography that I prefer, but I'm convinced that the photo feature will be a growing part of my job, since it meets at the end my wonder of curiosity and interpretation of reality.

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